2020-2030 time to participate, communicate and co-create



We have 10 years to restructure our collective response that allows a global reorientationWhat we need to find is a more coherent way to look at the world and ourselves. We have to reinvent ourselves and find a more ‘responsive and Awake Mindset that helps us find and redefine the role of the human as a planetary species .We hv to tackle the mindset that brought about so much separation and inequality.

My main assertion is that we need a Self-concept that is coherent with the present levels of knowledge that are preset to us > I will introduce a socio-cultural model that was developed by the late prof. H van Praag and represents the unique power of each of the 5 main cultural traditions that according to him account for the deep diversity of our cultural inheritance: he distinguishes the Western Scientific, the Shamanistic, the Indian-Tibetan, The Biblical -Koranic- & the Japanese-Chinese culture codes that give embodiment to the 5 deep time structures of human consciousness: Archaic, Magical, Mythical, Mental and Integral structures of consciousness that will help us to come to a Shared DeepTime Self-concept in which the new * important role that our deeper understanding of Time and its role in our example and at the same time an embodiment of our new understanding of Time as an ordering structure the past, present and future and their relationship with Origin.

This cultural-historical context allows us to come to a deeper ’time-centric-context’ & referential frame in which the current Time-period will be seen/ shown as a transitional period of the mental mode of consciousness to an Integral mode of consciousness. Jean Gebsr developed a ground breaking Vision of the 5 mutation that human consciousnessthat braought about 5 structures of structures that all still play an important part.

A deeper read of this boo will be part oft he program

His work which he shared with us in the masterpiece The Ever-present Origin Redicovering this past structures are still art of our current Time period.

The current re-emergence of the wisdom and voice of the Indigenous tribes on the different continent’s tribes helps us to re-awaken our deep embeddedness in the natural world. The rising of India and China as powerful & emerging global superpowers make also their cultural inheritance of greater importance as they represent powerful cultural creative forces that will influence the planetary unfolding of humanity in the decennia to come.

Much of the unrest we see today is caused by the changing dynamics on the Global field in which technological renewal changes and empower each cultural group to voice itself as to make its voice heard in the Global Planetary awakening.

the geographic area that re-emerges in the Planetary playing field. in a new light, that helps us create more clarity and order to the current situation on our planet. In this, we will somehow uncover some of the underlying forces that help create the evolutionary Vision

The Vision of the New Naturalness that I try to communicate on this websites a multilayered model designed to help us to reorient ourselves at the beginning of the 21 century, Its aim is to help us start to feel more deeply ‘at home’ at our current Time period tat can be seen as an intermediate period between two very different ‘structures of consciousness which can also be seen as 2 structures with really different ordering principles. I’m glad to be able to stay tatthe fruitof the journey will help us greatly to create anew ‘ordering’of our knowledge field.

A knowledge field that will make use of the latest finding of the WetsenrScientific code, which has a surprising coherence with principles that were part of earlier structures of consciousness. So the newly emerging consciousness transcends and includes and integrates the past structures & allows a new intensification of our felt resonance with the Origin, or as the Buddhist say. the Ground-of Being. t also invites a resonance with future emerging structures. more deeply coherent ad holographic understanding of the World and ourselves.

The New Naturalness is based o the new understanding of the interweaving of the 5 basic structures that somehow co-create the human experience.

New We-technologies wil play an important role to empower individual and collective breakthrough processes

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